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YYoutube Channels that I like

Youtube , CultureJune 28, 202015 minutes read

I was very ignorant about YouTube before - Although I often see it in the daily life, for example, some videos were being transported to Chinese websites and the transporters will tell the original Y…

RRevolutionary Witness: The Preacher

History , CultureJune 21, 20209 minutes read

Written by playwright Peter Barnes, presented by Alan Rickman, celebrating the bicentennial of the French Revolution, aired in 1989. God created rich people first and then showed then the world they …

BBuild My First Kubernetes Cluster

Tech , KubernetesApril 25, 202012 minutes read

This is a record of simply trying out and exploring the concepts of k8s. Starting from preparing the node environment for k3s lightweight kubernetes, and finally launching several cluster base servic…

NNetflix Show: Our Planet Season 01

TV Shows , EnvironmentApril 19, 20194 minutes read

The eagles fought hard and locked talons, humpback whales hunted and swallowed herring schools, and birds of paradise and leaf-cutting ants, and over 50 countries over four years, involving With a st…

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