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MMicrosoft Design Intern's File Explorer mock up

Windows , DesignMarch 28, 20191 minutes read

These prototype pictures are very beautiful and practical. It is truly shocking and coveted when I first saw them. So I immediately save these pictures, and now, share them here too. Thanks for @its…

FFace The Miserable Life (Forward)

ExistenceMarch 21, 20193 minutes read

Sartre: "There is no neutrality between non-existence and this muddled, pleasure-filled existence. If we exist, we must exist to such an extent." Throughout my life, the philosophy of life has been a…

CColoring Old Photos With Deep Learning

Deep LearningMarch 12, 20191 minutes read

Recently I found a website which is described to be an advanced coloring tool for black&white photos. I happened to have just finished watching the movie Roman Holiday , so I used an image cut from …

AA Brief Answer to Needham's Grand Question (Forward)

HistoryMarch 12, 20198 minutes read

Ancient China had glorious technological achievements, and for the application of almost every important invention, the Chinese could proudly claim that the West In particular, the "Four Great Invent…

BBuild My First Hexo Blog

Blog , HexoMarch 4, 20193 minutes read

Deploy Hexo site files & Install theme Next Firstly, install node.js as the necessary runtime environment for javascript. Then we turn to the folder where we want to put the blog files in and run com…

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